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Interpage's Fax Gateway Send/Receive and other services include a fast, highly effective and configurable Sendfax / Email-to-fax service by which E-Mail, DOC / Word / RTF / XLS, PDF, PostScript and/or HTML attachments and uuencoded files, or Web-based URL data may be converted to fax messages and transmitted to any fax machine worldwide.

Send unlimited/unmetered faxes to the US and Canada for one fixed monthly rate
Receive online orders and inquiries immediately via fax, SMS/text messages, and more!
Receive, Send and Administer faxes via the Web, Smartphones, PDAs, and E-Mail; includes a Telephone Fax Mailbox
Send a free test fax from the web with no registration required!
WebFax Pro
Upload variable web content, such as schedules, menus, and charts, via fax.
Web Alert
Notify fax, text, email, voice and other recipients of online orders, content, or alerts, via custom web templates integrated into your online systems
Please select one of the above for additional information, or refer to the overviews and other general Interpage Fax informational links, below. Additional fax services and fax testing services are also listed below.
Fax Unlimited
Send faxes from the web and email via Interpage's secure, HIPAA-compliant send-fax service
Other fax services include automated order and inquiry fulfillmentvia fax, fax machine/server monitoring and failure alerts, fax reception with secure online viewing, and automated fax reception and multiple-destination redistribution.
Notify fax, text, email, voice and other recipients of online orders, content, or alerts, via custom into your online system

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This page briefly details and then links to the specifics of each of the various Interpage Fax Services.
The OutFax(sm) E-Mail/URL-to-Fax service allows you to instantly send text, DOC, attached DOC, Word 2000 DOC, PDF, RTF, PostScript, Microsoft Excel/XLS,G3, UUEncoded files, text files, Web Pages/HTML, attachments and other file formats to one or more locations worldwide, without the need for any special software or configuration on your system. Enterprise applications can easily integrate with the service via OutFax's Unix/Linux-style commands sent in e-mail messages or Web submissions to allow for customization and control over fax transmissions on a per-fax basis. Most faxes are sent out within 30 seconds of receipt by our server, and detailed, parsable, and customized confirmation messages and optional account codes let you and/or your automated billing software know the send/fail status of your faxes. The OutFax sendfax service also offers an optional Free Software Client for users who prefer a desktop application or a DOS command line utility instead of e-mail to send faxes.

For additional information on Interpage's OutFax service, please click here.

Information pertaining to the set-up and configuration of SMTP (mail) based OutFax plans is available on the Interpage Mail Configuration Overview and SMTP/Mail Commands pages.
FaxUnlimited, provides for unlimited faxing to US and Canadian calling areas. FaxUnlimited customers pay a fixed monthly rate and may send faxes throughout either the US or Canada (or optionally both) at no per-use charge. FaxUnlimited allows businesses, enterprise customers, lobbying firms and in general any organization with moderate to heavy faxing needs to a given regional calling area to appreciate significant savings and manage costs by having a fixed, unvarying, monthly rate regardless of fax volume.
Free Fax
WWW Free Fax: Send a fax for free directly from the web as a demonstration of Interpage's robust, rapid, and dependable fax services. Simply enter a destination number within the areas served by the Free Fax service, type a message and send it...your test message will be delivered in a matter of minutes!
InFax offers an automated and immediate E-Mail to Fax gateway: Customers, prospects, friends, and relatives simply e-mail to your InFax address as they would to any other e-mail address, and their e-mail is then converted to fax format and sent to you by fax, at one or more locations, instantly! InFax can also check a multitude of existing mail accounts for new mail, and if you have new messages, immediately collect them and send them to your fax machine. Additionally, InFax is perfect if you don't currently have e-mail, but want to have an e-mail address for your business cards and letterhead where people can mail to you. Pager notification of new faxes is optionally available to allow you to be even more responsive to your customers! For more details on the InFax service, click here
FaxUp, Interpage's virtual fax mailbox service, includes a local number in the US, Canada or anywhere worldwide, and can send received faxes, with their CallerID and CallerName (if available) to one or more destinations, such as email, cell phone, or one or more fax machines for distribution. FaxUp PLUS offers similar functionality, but also includes an online fax mailbox, where faxes may be viewed, stored, re-faxed, emailed, or indexed. FaxUp plus also provides a simple online configuration portal to creare schedules or rules as to where faxes should be sent by day, time, or sender.
WebFax Pro Service
WebFax Pro(tm): Create and modify Web-pages and/or Web content via fax! Interpage's WebFax Pro is a unique service designed to let you update your WWW pages instantly and automatically using your fax machine -- no programming or HTML experience is necessary. Your uploaded content can then be modified online and even faxed automatically upon request to your customers!
WebAlert: Interpage's Web to Fax/Paging integration service facilitates direct connections/links from Web sites to the WebAlert server for submission of text-messages, pages, faxes, voice notifications, and e-mails. A Touch Tone IVR to E-Mail service for paging carriers and other DTMF to e-mail applications are also available.
FAXTest will regularly test one or more fax machines, fax modem banks, virtual/cloud-based fax servers, or any other fax-receive destination or application. If a given fax machine, server, or number is unreachable or unable to accept fax traffic, FAXTest will report back to configurable destinations (such as cell phones, pagers, e-mail, voice or fax) the nature of the failure and the given fax machine or line number which is affected.
Last update: 08/01/2020