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Welcome to Interpage's WebFax Pro(sm) Service

WebFax Pro(sm) is a unique service offered only by Interpage designed to enable rapid and immediate updates of Web pages and Web-based content via fax or e-mail messaging with textual and/or graphic content.

WebFax Pro customers can instantly and consistently update and maintain time-critical Web-based content without any programming experience or the need to hire WWW programmers or consultants.

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Are your WWW pages out-of-date? Do you need to regularly update the information and content of your WWW pages but don't want to spend time programming HTML or paying someone else to do it for you?

WebFax Pro can help!

WebFax Pro(sm) is a service desgined to allow anyone to upload new Web pages from any fax machine worldwide, which then becomes all or part of the content of your given WWW page or sub-pages.

At its most basic level, WebFax Pro allows you to upload a fax from any fax machine to the WebFax Pro server, and have that fax placed in your WebFax Pro account. You then assign that given fax page a URL, and it then becomes immediately visible from the WWW. Each time you upload a new fax (or faxes) the new fax replaces the previously uploaded page, allowing you to immediately update WWW content via fax!

By linking you current WWW page to the URL you assign to the faxes in your WebFax Pro account, customers and other people viewing your page can receive current and time-sensitive information about your company, product or service, without requiring you to log in and make changes to your pages or hire someone else to do it. The system is fully automated, and all uploads are visible mere moments after they have been received!

Your competitors spend time, money, and effort keeping their Web

WebFax Pro features:

* Upload new WWW page content via Fax: Simply send a fax to the WebFax Pro server and the entirety of your fax will be displayed on the WWW!

* A unique URL of your choosing is created for your WebFax Pro account. It may then be linked to from your main WWW page, or newcomers to the WWW may use it as their primary page. You may create multiple URLs for a variety of uploaded faxes and change them at will via the WWW or Telnet.

* Simple Mode WebFax Pro requires no administration:
Customers who prefer to simply upload a fax and have it immediately visible may have Interpage assign a URL for them, and each time a fax is sent to our WebFax Pro server, it will automatically replace the previous page. (All WebFax Pro customers may set their account to operate in Simple Mode at their discretion.)

* Customers who view your page can instantly request a fax of your WebFax Pro page sent to them (at your discretion; faxing can be disabled).

* WebFax Pro customers can choose from a variety of presentation styles: Customers may opt to show the uploaded fax only, to scale the "fax-only" image to one of eight different sizes, or to display the uploaded fax with a title, callback information (configurable by the customer), and the option to have the person viewing the page fax a copy of it to any fax machine.

* Multi-page faxes in Admin accounts are supported
, and your customers may click on thumbnail size sketches of multiple-page fax uploads to see the given page in full (or scaled size which you selected). (Simple mode may support multi-page faxes; please inquire for sepcific details).

* Fully-featured configuration menu:
Customers may modify their WebFax Pro settings, including assigned URL's, how their uploaded documents will be displayed, scaling of images and more, directly via the WWW or telnet. Try it: connect to http://www.interpage.net/webreach/menuedit and log in as guest, and do not use a password, just the password field blank.

* E-Mail Uploads are also accepted so that you may send high-quality Microsoft Word DOC files or plain-text files to appear on your WebFax Pro page instead of, or in conjunction with, your uploaded faxes.

Services and Pricing

All WebFax Pro
accounts include the following features:

* Upload Faxes via one of three methods (see below) which will be immediately visible via the WWW

* Simple Mode automated replacement of old faxes with newer ones

* A complete WWW and telnet administration interface

* A variety of presentation modes and sizes for uploaded faxes and images uploaded via e-mail which can be used as links, for creating an online updateable catalog, or as a simple "main page" for newcomers to the WWW

* Access to Intrerpage's fax services which allow your customers to send a fax of your WWW page to them upon request

* Perpetual storage of 5 uploaded faxes, each of 5 pages or less. (Additional blocks of 5 faxes are available and are billed an additional $10 per month per block; Simple Mode operates differently and for obvious reasons does not allow for perpetual storage or associated page allocations.)

* E-Mail uploading of high-resolution Microsoft Word DOC files, PostScript files, Adobe PDF files, or plain-text files

There are a number of ways which you can access the WebFax Pro service to send faxes to us. The following plans detail the method of access. All of the plans include the WebFax Pro features described above. The four types of access are:

WebFax Pro Basic: Faxes to your Web Page are uploaded by calling our WebFax Pro server, entering your username or account id, and transmitting your fax. The fax will then either appear automatically on your WWW page or in your WebFax Pro directory so you can assign a URL to it as needed.

Price: $29.95 per month. If you opt to let customers send faxes from your WebFax Pro page, prevailing toll charges (if any) will apply.

WebFax Pro Registered: Interpage will register up to 5 fax machines from which you will be uploading faxes. (These fax machines must display some station ID information -- any information will do, but it needs to be something to distinguish it from other faxes which are sent by other customers.) Each time a fax is received from one of the pre-registered machines, it will be automatically uploaded to your WebFax Pro directory and be subsequently visible on your WWW page.

Price: $34.95 per month, with no charge per upload/received fax. If you opt to let customers send faxes from your WebFax Pro page, prevailing toll charges (if any) will apply. Changes to your upload list are billed at $5 per change.

WebFax Pro Direct:
Interpage will assign your WebFax Pro account a unique telephone number at one of our servers. Since the number will only be used by you, there is no need for pre-registration; all faxes sent to your WebFax Pro direct number will be recognized as your own and immediately uploaded to your WebFax Pro directory and WWW page.

Price: $49.95 per month. If you opt to let customers send faxes from your WebFax Pro page, prevailing toll charges (if any) will apply.

Note: Up to 500 uploads are included per month for all WebFaxPro plans, after which there is a 10 cent charge per uploaded fax for the 501st and above. Each upload may contain up to 5 pages; if amounts in excess of 5 pages are required, other rateplans for higher-capacity use are available; please contact Interpage for details.

Free Demonstration

To view the WebFax Pro color brochure online, click here.

To see a demonstration of the WebFax Pro configuration menu, connect to http://www.interpage.net/webreach/menuedit and log in as guest without using a password (just leave the field blank). You will be able to see how customers may access, configure and customize their WebFax Pro accouts. Telnet access via telnet to interpage.net is also available; please log in as guest.


To receive additional information about Interpage's WebFax Pro Service, please contact us via:

Web-based Support/Inquiry Interface

Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900

Interpage Contacts Page

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning WebFax Pro or any of our other services!

Last modified 12/24/2007

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