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Interpage's DirectPage(sm) Service provides a single, personal, local number for receiving numeric pages, which are instantly sent as text messages to one or more cell phones, e-mail addresses, SMS/MMS-capable devices, other pagers (alpha or numeric), fax machines (e.g., for logging pages), or even regular ("POTS") telephone lines in plain voice.

DirectPage serves as either an effective and more flexible replacement for traditional numeric paging for those who don't want to carry around a numeric pager, or as an enhancement to traditional numeric paging by transmitting pages not only to your current pager, but to any cellular carrier via text messages, to any email address, to fax destinations, and voice telephones.

DirectPage service is transparent to the caller and functions as a "virtual pager"; callers will think they are still calling a numeric pager, however, unlike a traditional numeric paging service provider, DirectPage offers enhanced flexibility, lower costs, and greater unification of mobile devices than can be obtained with legacy numeric paging service providers. Additionally, coverage areas can effectively be increased by relying on the generally larger coverage footprint of most cellular carriers and/or having DirectPage messages go to more than one recipient/destination for redundancy purposes.

DirectPage customers receive a local numeric number which functions identically to a numeric pager: When a message is received, DirectPage immediately sends the received numeric page to one or more cellphones, pagers, e-mail addresses, SMS/MMS/Internet-enabled mobile devices, fax and/or POTS lines. DirectPage account holders may customize messaging notification schedules to selectively page a specific device, such as an "on-call" cellphone or home phone, based on the received Touch Tones (DTMF), CallerID/NameID, and/or a weekly schedule rotation.

Unlike most traditional paging services, DirectPage will also send the caller's phone number (CallerID) and caller's name (NameID) if available via text to your cellphone, to your current pagers, via e-mail, fax, and voice. DirectPage even offers the option to notify you if someone calls your DirectPage number and hangs up without entering a message!

With DirectPage, you are always in control of all your pagers and messaging devices, and never have to give out different contact numbers in order for people to easily reach you!

Local access numbers are available throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Europe, Japan and Asia, and South America with many plans offering unmetered, flat-rate service.

Note: For Messaging/Paging applications from cloud-based or other servers (which do not require a local paging number) to alpha/numeric or numeric-only pagers, please review the Enterprise Messaging main menu.

Additional numeric and alpha-numeric paging options are also detailed on the Self-Dispatch page. A voicemail service with similar features to DirectPage is available via the Interpage Voicemail service.

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DirectPage Overview

Interpage DirectPage diagram of numeric pager enhancement and virtual pager verlay and replacement service

Interpage's DirectPage(sm) Service can help!

DirectPage service essentially functions as a numeric pager enhancement or replacement, providing a local telephone number which callers dial and enter Touch Tone (DTMF) digits as they would with a traditional numeric pager. However, unlike a physical numeric pager, DirectPage sends the received pages to:
  • Your existing pager (for those who wish to keep their pager)
  • Any other alpha or numeric-only pager
  • Text messages to Cellphones/Mobiles
  • SMS/MMS to other messaging devices
  • Any email address or adresses
  • Any fax machine(s)
  • Any voice telephone (landline, VoIP, or cellular)
  • Any voicemail system or answering machine
  • Additionally, unlike traditional paging, DirectPage sends the caller's number (CallerID) and name (NameID, if available), and optionally will notifiy you with the same caller/nameID information even if the caller does not leave a page and just hangs up.

    DirectPage can also serve to provide a single virtual numeric paging number which can trigger (page) multiple pages so that a single point of contact is provided to customers and/or callers without them having to retain multiple pager or contact numbers for "on-call" or critical/emergency response staff.

    DirectPage can thus act as an effective numeric pager enhancement or replacement by providing the same functionality of a numeric pager without having to have a physical numeric pager unit, and transcends the limitations of traditional paging by allowing pages to be received on any mobile device (or devices) without having to be tied to a single, physical numeric pager unit.

    A DirectPage number serves as a "front end" to allow you to control which one (or more) of your e-mail addresses, pagers, telephones, or other devices you are notified on, when you are notified, and from whom (Caller/Name ID), and (optionally) even when a caller hangs up or is unable to enter a message (as in an emergency condition).

    DirectPage offers wordlwide local (non-premium) access numbers with a standard numeric pager greeting (prompting callers to Touch Tone a numeric message), or with an optional custom or branded greeting for groups or organizations with multiple accounts and/or access numbers.

    Specialized DirectPage services are also available for emergency/alert services (where alerts are sent out without Touch Tone entry and only if a certain number or groupd of numbers call), mass-response/polling services, etc. Please contact Interpage for details.

    If you are part of a workgroup or on-call response team, DirectPage can provide a single point of contact for all of your on-call personnel and allow you to schedule which pager will be paged at a given time or date,so that your customers need only one number to reach the current "on call" pager. (Alternately, all pagers in your group may be notified by a single page.)

    DirectPage's optional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides callers with a menu, such as 'Press 1 to leave a page, 2 to leave a message, 3 to connect with me, or 4 to leave a fax

    DirectPage can also be integrated into other Interpage services such as FaxUp (receive faxes), Voicemail, and Call-Connect, to provide a single, unified number to callers. Custom voice/menu IVR prompts to multiple DirectPage accounts and/or other destinations are also available.

    For example, callers may call a given DirectPage customer, and be prompted to "Press 1 to connect, 2 to leave a voicemail, 3 to send a fax, or 4 to send a fax", and have the call directed based on what the caller selects.

    DirectPage can also offer a branded/up-front greeting followed by support options, such as "Thank you for calling XYZ Company; please press 1 to page on-call support, 2 to message sales, or 3 if you have a service contract and wish to speak to someone". (Additional details on Interpage's IVR services and how they integrate with DirectPage may be found on the CustomIVR page.)

    DirectPage access numbers are generally available in every area code in the US and Canada. International numbers are also available worldwide and do not incur any "premium" or "Caller Pays" charges when dialed. Please contact Interpage for complete details on coverage and availability of local DirectPage access numbers.

    Volume discounts for Enterprise/fleet paging customers who need to enhance/replace their numeric pagers with DirectPage service are also available. Enterprise customers may obtain special company-specific numeric page greetings and blocks of sequential numeric pager numbers; please inquire for details.

    Customers may also forward calls from their cell-phones or other landline phones, or from an 800/Toll-Free number, to any DirectPage number.

    DirectPage Features

    Interpage's DirectPage service offers:

    * A local, personal access number in nearly any US/Canadian area code, with e-mail notification and (optional) re-transmission to numeric and alpha pagers, POTS/landline phones and voicemail via text-to-speech voice synthesis, as well as fax dispatch for hard copy printouts of received pages. Local access numbers are also available internationally in the UK, Europe, Japan and many other Asian countries.

    * Keep your existing pager(s) if you wish, and have DirectPage also send to your cellphone, other pagers, e-mail, voice notification, or fax; or, use DirectPage to eliminate your current paging service and receive your messages/pages via cell phone, e-mail, voice, and fax.

    * Connect up to 10 pagers, cellphones or SMS mobiles, 10 e-mail addresses, and 10 fax machines or landline telephone (voice) and/or cellphone numbers to be notified when a page or message is received. (Except for plans 001/001-I)

    * Schedule and prioritize, via Web-based and/or Telnet access, which pagers, e-mails, and other devices receive notification when a page or message is received (or have all of them notified simultaneously), based on time, date, CallerID/NameID, and content. (Except for Plans 001/001-I)

    * Caller ID and Caller Name of the calling party (if available) is sent via e-mail or to the pager, cellphone, or end device.

    * An optional personal number overlay to paging systems which only offer PIN access, allowing your callers to be greeted by a personal message and not require any PIN codes or access numbers.

    * Works with and sends messages to any pager, text message/SMS-capable cellular phone, fax, or regular/cellular voice telephone or voicemail system.

    * E-Mail messages may also be sent to your Interpage DirectPage account which will receive the same filtering, treatment, and distribution as would a numeric page, allowing people, alarm systems, automated equipment, and/or servers without telephone access to send messages to DirectPage customers.

    Services and Pricing

    DirectPage Basic Plan (001): $10 per month, offers a local access number in any US area code. Callers are greeted with a generic prompt requesting that they enter their numeric message with a Touch Tone phone, and after the call is complete the Interpage DirectPage service will message one single device, such as an e-mail address, cellphone, pager, fax, or "POTS" telephone via OutVoice. Unlike other DirectPage plans, no customization or configuration is offered with the 001/Basic Plan - the Web and Telnet-based configuration and account management screens/interfaces are not available with the 001 plan. If changes need to be made, such as to change the destination e-mail or cellphone, a $5 per manual/assisted change charge will apply. The basic plan thus most closely approximates a standard numeric pager where a given page to a DirectPage number will result in page or message to one single end device. Customers who wish to control when and where their pages are received via a Web or Telnet-based control panel should select DirectPage plan 002 or higher, which may be changed at will and is thus not subject to any fee for manual/assisted changes. A customer who receives in excess of 10,000 pages per month may be subject to a 2 cent per page charge for each page from 10,001 onward. A one-time $10 set-up fee applies for the DirectPage/001 plan.

    DirectPage Canada Plan (001-C):: US$12.95 per month, with a one-time US$12.95 set-up fee. Analogous to the 001 plan (above) but with an access number located in Canada.

    DirectPage Basic International Plan (001-I): $15 per month, offers similar functionality to the Basic/001 plan above. The 001-I plan offers local access numbers in the UK, Europe, Mexico, Japan and many Asian and South American countries. The local pager numbers provided are not "premium" or "caller-pays" numbers, but local numbers which should not incur any higher cost to call as compared to a local landline number. There is a one-time $15 set-up fee, and any changes to the destination e-mail address or device will incur a $5 per manual/assited change fee. A customer who receives in excess of 10,000 pages per month may be subject to a 2 cent per page charge for each page from 10,001 onward.

    DirectPage Standard Plan (002): $20.00 per month, offers a local numeric number in nearly any US/Canadian area code. Callers are greeted with a generic prompt requesting that they enter their numeric message with a Touch Tone phone, and after the call is complete the Interpage DirectPage service will message (SMS/MMS), e-mail, fax, page, or use Text-To-Speech via the OutVoice service to notify up to 10 recipients that a page has been received. If available, Caller ID and Caller Name will be mailed in the notification e-mail with the telephone number and/or name of the person leaving the numeric message. DirectPage Standard customers may use a Web-based schedule tool to set up notification regimes to notify their various devices and/or e-mail addresses.

    All e-mail notifications and most cellphones in the US/Canada are free, as is Web-based access (viewing); fax, pager and voice notification may incur a per-use charge of 10 cents per notification per device. (Thus, if a given DirectPage Standard account is paged and notification is sent to one or more e-mail addresses, there is no charge; if the DirectPage customer sets their account to fax them there is a 10 cent per fax charge; if the DirectPage customer sets their account to notify via e-mail, fax and voice message, then each page would result in a 20 cent charge -- the e-mail component being free, the fax component being 10 cents, and the voice notification being 10 cents, for a total of 20 cents per page.) There is a one-time set-up fee of $20. A customer who receives in excess of 10,000 pages per month may be subject to a 2 cent per page charge for each page from 10,001 onward.

    DirectPage Standard International Plan (002-I): $25 per month, $25 one-time set-up fee, otherwise generally the same as the 002 plan but offering local access numbers in the UK, Europe, Mexico, Japan and many Asian and South American countries. The local pager numbers provided are not "premium" or "caller-pays" numbers, but local numbers which should not incur any higher cost to call as compared to a local landline number. Additionally, non-email pages, such as delivery to fax machines and voice lines via OutVoice which are located outside of the US/Canada may pay a higher per-message or per-minute rate; please inquire for details. As with the DirectPage 002 plan here is no charge for e-mail delivery with International local access numbers, however, a customer who receives in excess of 10,000 pages per month may be subject to a 2 cent per page charge for each page from 10,001 onward.

    DirectPage Unlimited (003): $50.00 per month, identical to the DirectPage 002 (above) but with no per use charge for notification to any one end device within the US/Canada or to any e-mail address worldwide. Notification charges to faxes, pagers, cellphones, or landline/voice telephones in the US and Canada are thus waived based on the selected end device. Additional unlimited end-device types (pager, fax, voice) may be added for an additional $50 per month.

    Direct Page PIN (006): $49.95 per month; a specialized service for high-volume, enterprise-grade DTMF input where callers and/or automated equipment can call an Interpage DirectPage generic port number, enter a user ID, and then send either numeric, alpha, or pre-programmed messages via Touch Tone/DTMF to pagers, cellphones, SMS, Text-To-Speech, mobiles and e-mail addresses. The PIN plan allows for 10,000 free INBOUND messages/pages per month (including the dissemination of messages to e-mail addresses), after which there is a 2 cent charge for INBOUND messages from 10,001 upward. Sending pages via dialout (non e-mail), faxes, Text to Speech via OutVoice(sm), and TAP dispatch may incur additional charges, please contact Interpage for details; e-mail delivery is free. A one-time activation charge of $50 applies. Additional PINS are available at a reduced rate/reduced Activation Charge, please inquire for details. Accounts requiring over 50 PINs may also wish to consider the WebAlert(sm) Service.

    Direct Page PIN Local Access (007): $69.95 per month; identical to the DirectPage/006 plan (above) but with a local access number in any area code in the US or Canada instead of the general use access number assigned for the DirectPage/006 plan. There is a $70 one-time activation charge.

    DirectPage Free Trial

    A free, week-long trial of Interpage's DirectPage service is available for evaluative purposes; it may be activated via one of the following methods:

  • Interpage Generic Trial Form/HTML: Print and complete the HTML trial form, selecting "DirectPage"; fax to +1 (650) 292-1600 or scan and mail to "scan-form@interpage.net"
  • DirectPage Trial Form/PDF: Print and complete the PDF trial form, selecting "DirectPage"; fax to +1 (650) 292-1600 or scan and mail to "scan-form@interpage.net"
  • Call +1 (510) 315-2750 during business hours and provide your name, cell phone, email address, and location, and an Interpage representative will activate your trial after verification of the information provided. (DirectPage/001 only)

  • Contacts

    To receive additional information about Interpage's DirectPage Service, please contact us via:

    Web-based Support/Inquiry Interface

    Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900

    Interpage Contacts Page

    We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning DirectPage and messaging services.

    Last modified 01/07/2017
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