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Interpage's Custom IVR is a customized, configurable, hosted IVR solution designed to accept and process customer/constituent response, telephone polling and surveys, post-call customer satisfaction queries, in-field order completion status and reporting, and can be customized to accommodate nearly any IVR response/polling application.

Business and entities which require a means to poll or gather information from customers, clients, workers/technicians in the field, but who use legacy phone/IVR systems and/or who do not wish to create, customize, house and support an IVR system to accommodate their needs may utilize the Interpage Custom IVR system to securely answer, process, and notifiy them of IVR callers and the responses provided. Interpage's Custom IVR can integrate with nearly notification and/or record-keeping system, and provide immediate notifications to cell phones/text messages, pagers, e-mail, fax, and voice telephones.

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Custom IVR Services Overview

Custom IVR and Telephone Response / Polling Service provides an automated customer or caller respinse system. Callers can be prompted to enter a code provided to them online or by text-message/SMS, enter a job completion confirmation, enter a work order or job number, or any other information via Touch Tone (DTMF) phone, and have the information relayed to a central server and/or human administrator for recording and/or further action

CustomIVR allows inbound callers to navigate a menu tree and/or series of prompts/questions, and, upon completion of the call send the collected response back to a central server or other system via a "flat" e-mail file, other TCP/IP connection, or telephone (modem or DTMF) based methodology. With CustomIVR, there's no need to continuously upgrade or purchase new telephone equipment or feature packages to supplement an IVR or customer response system - callers may be "branched" over to a dedicated CustomIVR number seamlessly, with results of the call being reported back upon call completion.

Custom IVR Chart A

Example A: An independent pharmacy wishes to provide its customers with an automated order/renewal system. Callers to the pharmacy's main number are given the option to order a presecription renewal by phone, and if the option is selected, the call is transferred to a CustomIVR on Interpage's CustomIVR server. The server prompts callers (with generic recordings or recordings made by the subscriber's voice talent) to enter their prescription number and other information. CustomIVR can interractively communicate with the pharmacy's server via TCP/IP or traditional landline, obtain confirmation, and notify the caller that their order has been processed and the given prescription is available for pick-up, with optional message confirmation to the customer by text message and email. Alternately, CustomIVR can send the refill request to the pharmacy (with no interactive query back to the pharmacy database), and the pharmacy can process the confirmation to the customer after the call has completed.

Custom IVR Chart B

Example B: A contracting company wishes to obtain status information as specific jobs or work orders, and provides an Interpage CustomIVR for its employees and contractors to call when given waypoints or aspects of a given contract or job are completed. CustomIVR reports back to the contracting company's server, which then updates the status of the job/contract in question, allowing the contracting company to send out updates to customers, field personnel (in this example via pager) and update their web portal accordingly.

Custom IVR Chart C

Example C: Coin-Op or vending services can program their equipment to dial out to Interpage's CustomIVR when stocks or supplies are low. Custom IVR will then automatically relay the information to suppliers and vendors by voice message (or email, text messaging, paging, or fax) so that vending machines and coin-op devices can be automatically re-stocked.

Custom IVR Chart D

Example D: Professional organizations which require field representatives to verify work order completion, new orders, contracts, or other documents may utilize the CustomIVR service to verify completion and have confirmations or new customer instructions faxed (as well as e-mailed and messaged) to all signatories.

Interpage's CustomIVR service can be an effective tool to reduce overhead and equipment costs as well as expenditures to continuously update software and equipment by acting as a distpatch hub for alert messaging, capable of connecting to all end devices (cellphones, e-mail, SMS/MMS, POTS lines, fax, text-to-speech/voice, and alpha or numeric-only pagers).

This includes older, legacy devices, such as office-wide voicemail systems, which are able to notify only paging equipment via Touch Tone/DTMF: CustomIVR can accept DTMF from such systems and message nearly any end device, saving the cost of upgrading otherwise highly functional and useful equipment/systems which lack internet connectivity.

In general, CustomIVR can serve as a customized "add on" to existing systems to offer new features and/or enhance connectivity, without the need to upgrade or replace them, keeping customers/users happy while lowering costs and keeping existing systems and equipment.

Other CustomIVR features include:

Interpage CustomIVR Access and Connectivity:

As with most Interpage products, connectivity to multiple end devices/users is always a key component of service plans, and all CustomIVR accounts are able to integrate with existing systems and offer the follwing:

*Access via mail, TCP/IP, customized applications, or without internet access via any modem and/or Numeric/DTMF device, or landline.

* Optional return notifications are sent via e-mail, direct TCP/IP connection, customized channels, or if no internet access is available via modem or DTMF dial-out.

* Send via text message to cell phones, e-mail recipients, fax machines or landline or mobile telephones (via voice) to be notified as needed.

* Schedule and prioritize, via Web-based and/or Telnet access, which cellphones, pagers, e-mails, and other devices receive notification when a page or message is received (or have all of them notified simultaneously), based on time, date, and content.

* Works and interoperates with nearly any IVR or Voicemail system, and can message nearly any cellular/mobile provider, GSM SMS International mobile, alpha or numeric-only pager system, fax or regular/landline or cellular voice telephone.

* Worldwide access numbers for local connectivity and no message/toll/unit charges.

* Optional multiple local access numbers may be combined and/or PINs to message/page the same account; thus a given user may have (for example) a US number, a UK number, and one in Japan, etc.

Services and Pricing

CustomIVR pricing is based on the degree of customization required for a given CustomIVR project (as a one-time up-front cost), as well as monthly recurring charges, which start at $99 per month for shared-server applications.

High-volume, dedicated server, and unlimited messaging options are available as well.

Please contact Interpage for additional information, details, and a specific rate quote based on your application(s) and service requirements.

CustomIVR enables portions of the Interpage Test Text, SMS, and Multimedia/MMS Messaging Service, and may be accessed by calling +1 (650) 456-4556.


To receive additional information pertaining to CustomIVR, please contact us via:

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Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900

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We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning CustomIVR and our other messaging services.

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