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Interpage's DirectPage service replaces legacy paging devices and places traditional paging messages on your cellphone, e-mail, fax, or voicemail, for about the same cost as a pager, but allows for multiple devices and/or destinations to be paged and scheduled via a web-based interface. Visit the DirectPage menu for details!
and Canadian destinations for a flat monthly fee. Organizations which send over 2000 fax pages per month can benefit from the predictable cost basis and service reliability of the FaxUnlimited pricing variant of Interpage's OutFax service, including its robust and detailed reporting and billing confirmations. Details and a service overview may be found at the FaxUnlimited page.
sign up for a trial of a given service, obtain a signup form, check the box for the desired type of service, and under "rateplan" indicate "Free Trial" (credit card information should be omitted). When complete, please fax it back to +1 (650) 292-1600. Trials are generally activated within one business day of receipt of a completed trial form.
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Enterprise-grade connectivity between web servers, monitoring devices, and messaging/paging applications to a variety of end user devices, such as smartphones, cellphones, pagers, and landline/POTS lines, all via a fast, configurable, and fully automated gateway platform. A variety of specialized messaging applications are also supported. See the Messaging Gateway page for details.
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