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Interpage Free Fax, Messaging, and Voice Services
Phone: (650)331 3900 Fax: (650)292 1600
Interpage Free Test Services Overview: In addition to the Free Test Fax Service, the following free test services are provided by Interpage as a demonstration of various faxing, messaging/paging, and voice services:
Interpage Fax Reception Free Test chart, showing a test fax being sent to Interpage, and if successfully received, the fax is then re-transmitted back to the person who sent it. The Fax Reception Test Service provides a means to test the quality your fax maxchine and fax transmissions by sending back your fax exactly as it was received.
Test the send and receive quality of your fax - send a fax to (650) 530-9014, which upon successful receipt will be faxed back to you!
Coming Soon: Send a free text message to your own phone - test your carrier's delivery time!
Interpage Free Voice Test, Voicemail Test, Voice Latency, and Bell System Not-In-Service Caller ID Readback demonstration services provide free, telephone-based tests to hear voice quality, latency, and Caller ID information.
Test the voice quality of your phone; call (510) 315-1211, leave a message, and it will be replayed at the calling number!
Click above to send a page for free, or send a message to an Interpage Messaging/Paging Customer
Click on the image/charts above for additional information on the given service(s). Interpage does not collect or sell the information from the free test fax, messaging/paging, voice and other services. Please review the Interpage Privacy Policies for full details.
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