Interpage InFax and OutFax Services Comparison

A comparison of Interpage's InFax and OutFax services: The InFax and OutFax small overview charts below serve to distinguish the features, functions, and access methods between Interpage's InFax and OutFax services.

Other Fax, Messaging and Paging, Voice Notification, Broadcast, and Dial-Out services and applications are also available, or select from those listed on the Home Page or Interpage Site Map.

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Interpage InFax and OutFax service comparison chart, showing the differences of the InFax and OutFax e-mail/web to fax services

InFax and OutFax services are delineated below; please click on the given service discussion links (below each chart) for additional information.

InFax small chart for InFax / OutFax comparison page, showing InFax automatically receiving email and onlien web orders and automatically sending them out to configurable destinastions, along with text/SMS messaging, e-mail forwarding, and voice broadcast of received content.
InFax Service: InFax offers an automated and immediate Web & E-Mail to Fax gateway - customers, prospects, or any e-mail or web visitor simply e-mails to your InFax address, and/or visits your web site (or an optional custom link provided by Interpage) and their e-mail/web message is seamlessly converted to fax and sent to one or more locations of your choosing, instantly! Besides being sent to one (or more) fax machines for hard-copy order/inquiry printouts, InFax can also send received messages to cellphones/SMS, pagers, voice notification to regular telephones, and/or forward them to one or more email addresses, with delivery to these end devices/addresses scheduled (if needed) by time-of-day, day-of-the-week, the sender, and/or their content.

Interpage OutFax comparison with InFax small chart, showing web sites, offices, and other systems/servers sending messages to the Interpage OutFax gateway for converison to fax and then being sent out to one or more fax destinations.
OutFax Gateway Service: Interpage's OutFax Web/E-Mail to fax service is a robust, fast, enterprise-grade, HIPAA-compliant, and highly-reliable method to securely send text, DOC, XLS, Microsoft Office, PDF, RTF, PostScript, G3, UUEncoded files, Web Pages via URL fetch, HTML/attached HTML, and other file formats to one or more fax destinations worldwide via email or secure TLS (SSL) messaging without the need for any special software or configuration.


To receive additional information about Interpage's InFax, OutFax, and other fax-based or other messaging/integration services, please contact us via:

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