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Interpage OutFax PC/Mac Client Main Page

The Interpage OutFax Client is a free software package which runs on a standalone or networked PC or System 9 (or lower) Macintosh and connects to the Interpage Fax Server(s) to seamlessly integrate Microsoft Word and other Windows-based apps/file types with the OutFax Service.

(Apple/Mac System 10/10+ customers may obtain the same functionality directly from the OS X command line; the client is desgined for older OS's which lack a highly functional, Unix/Linux-like command line interface.)

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Client Overview

The Interpage OutFax Client is designed to work in conjunction with the OutFax service to facilitate seamless integration between a local PC/Mac or office network of PCs and/or Macs and the Interpage OutFax service.

With the Fax Client, Interpage OutFax customers may send faxes from their PC's desktop or from within Microsoft word by simply clicking on the client, and entering a destination phone number.

Office networks and other LANs may freely copy the Fax Client to all networked machines so that all workstations/employees may use the same Interpage OutFax account to send faxes using the Fax Client.

High-volume Tier V customers may apply to have the OutFax Client customized for their specific office needs, such as locking out certain phone numbers, time of day restrictions, and private label/logo branding.

Client Features

The OutFax Client offers the following features:

* Send faxes anywhere with ease - simply click on the FILE button in Microsoft Word or invoke the client from the desktop, enter a destination fax number(s), and click SEND. You fax will be instantly delivered to Interpage for transmission.

* Connect your whole office to Interpage's OutFax service using the Client. The OutFax Client may be installed on every networked computer on your LAN and configured to send faxes using just one Interpage OutFax account.

* Sending Station ID and Code Fields delineate in your itemized months-end statement as well as in real-time confirmations who/which workstation sent out a given fax.

* Many Supported Formats include Doc, Doc2000, Adobe PDF, text, HTML. XLS, and PostScript.

* Simple Graphic Interface: Most functions (including send, cover sheet options, recipient options, and more, can all be set from the main user screen.

* Robust Confirmation Message System:
All e-mails sent to Interpage via the Client for faxing receive both queue and successful send or failed send confirmation messages instantly, and copies of these messages may be redirected in the Client's Configuration menu.

* Fast Turnaround:
Most faxes sent through Interpage are sent out only a few seconds after we receive your e-mail submission.

* Comment fields can be included on your fax cover sheet which introduce or clarify the content of your fax.

* Web-Page Faxing
allows Web sites, system admins, or any individual user to send us a URL for a Web site (such as http://www.interpage.net) or HTML content in an e-mail message, and have that page/content instantly faxed to one or more locations worldwide.

* Command Line Utility: The OutFax Client may also be invoked from a DOS Prompt Command Line (PC Version only), allowing you to write simple scripts from any application to send faxes without having to run a mail program/process. A list of DOS commands and usage instructions is located here.

* OutFax Features:
All OutFax features and services are included; use of the client does not in any way interfere with any of your OutFax Service features.


The Interpage OutFax Client may be downloaded for free and distributed at will as per the Software License contained in the installer.

To download the OutFax Client, click the download link, below, and save the file to your desktop or another folder where you can readily locate it after the download is complete.

When the download finishes, double click on the installer file (eg, what you just downloaded), and follow the instructions to install the OutFax Client on your system.

Some warning messages may result if you do not have Microsoft Word or Office on your system, but you may ignore these and complete the installation and still use the Client with other programs/file types. (The client makes a few additions to a file folder in Word and Office; if it can not find those folders it will generate a warning but it will not otherwise adversely affect the installation of the Client software.)

If you are not a current Interpage OutFax customer, you will need to establish an OutFax account in order to utilize the Client's features. Please contact Interpage for further details on our fax services or if you have any installation-related questions.

  • Download OutFax Client
  • Download DOS Prompt Support Client
  • Download OutFax Client II
  • Download OutFax Client II in ZIP format
  • Download the Macintosh System 10 OutFax Client

  • Costs

    The Interpage OutFax Client is free and may be freely distributed in accordance with the license agreement found on the installer.

    In order to use the Client, an OutFax subscriber account is required; weeklong evaluative free/trial accounts are available for qualified candidates, please contact Interpage for details.

    Some of the more popular plans include Basic OutFax service, which costs $10 per month, plus a one-time set up fee of $10. All faxes sent to anywhere in the US (50 states and DC) are billed at 10 cents per minute. Other plans currently offer US and Canada faxing for 2 cents per minute with a $50 monthly charge, as well as unmetered/unlimited plans with no per minute or per page charges (see below). E-Mail forwarding to other e-mail addresses, detailed billing, queue and success/fail confirmation messages, WWW and telnet configuration access are also included at no additional charge on most accounts. All current OutFax rateplans and feature descriptions are listed on the Interpage Fax Rates main page and its related plan links.

    FaxUnlimitedsm offers unlimited faxing plans to most major US/Canada markets, and is available with the OutFax Client and can be easily integrated into a LAN or office network using the OutFax Client's DOS command line support features.

    For International per-minute rates to fax destinations outside of the US and Canada, please click here.


    To receive additional information about Interpage's Fax Services, please contact us via:

    Web-based Support/Inquiry Interface

    Telephone: +1 (650) 331-3900

    Interpage Contacts Page

    We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the Interpage OutFax Client or other software and services!

    Last modified 06/20/2011
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