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Welcome to Interpage's Palm Pilot/PDA Web Access Menu!

Receive, view and send faxes from your Palm Pilot V, Palm VII, or any Palm or PDA with web-browsing capabilties! Access your Interpage account settings, and send messages to pagers, cellphones, or fax machines for free!

Palm and other PDA owners with graphical web browsers such as Explorer or Netscape can receive, view, annotate, e-mail and re-transmit faxes directly on their Palm Pilots and other PDAs with Interpage's FaxUp Palm(sm) service.

Additionally, Palm Pilot V and VII users may send out pages to many US paging systems or cellular providers or faxes to any US destination for free! (FaxUp Palm software, available free from Interpage, is required.)

The Palm Pilot Web Access interface also allows Palm Pilot V/VII owners to access the entirety of Interpage's Web-based services and configuration tools, making your Interpage service even more portable and accessible from anywhere!

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If you have ever wanted to receive, view, and send faxes directly from your Palm Pilot or web-enabled PDA, Interpage now offers a complete fax mailbox package which will let you manage all of your fax traffic directly from your Palm V, Palm VII, or other PDA! The Interpage FaxUp(sm) service is a browser-based Fax Mailbox, which may be accessed from any browser, on any device, laptop, desktop, or handheld PDA. If your Palm or other PDA can access web sites, then the FaxUp service should work on your given PDA as well. To see if your Palm or PDA will be able to view and manipulate stored faxes, please go to the FaxUp logon page, log in as guest, and omit the password. If you are able to view the demonstration faxes which have been uploaded, then the FaxUp service will work directly from your Palm or PDA!

Alternately, owners of older PDA devices and Palms may utilize the Interpage Palm Pilot Interface -- an optional and free software package primarily for Palm V and Palm VII wireless data users -- which allows both customers and non-customers alike to send pages, group pages, faxes, (without the fax mailbox service), set up weather and stock reports, and create personal reminders directly from their Palm PDAs without ever having to log on via traditional Web-browser/dialup access. Best of all, many of these services for the older devices (via the Interpage Palm PQA) are completely free!

Both Web-based and the older PQA-based services work instantly: you simply click on a fax you wish to view or issue a command to send a page to a pager or cellphone (or any other command) and the Interpage server performs your instructions and sends a confirmation back to your Palm/PDA.

Palm Service Features

Interpage's Palm Pilot Web Access Services offer the following features:

FaxUp Palm

The FaxUp Palm service is a Palm-specific implementation of Interpage's powerful FaxUp service. FaxUp Palm supports all of the FaxUp service features, including the ability to view faxes immediately after they are received directly on your Palm's screen!

FaxUp Palm offers the following features:

* View your received faxes directly on your Palm Pilot's screen
* Manage your faxes with an online Fax Mailbox
* E-mail your faxes to anyone
* Fax your faxes anywhere, adding your own cover page and
  any annotations to introduce the fax, request feedback, etc.
* Store your faxes for later viewing, re-faxing, or
   e-mail transmission
* Lock your faxes so they are not automatically purged
* Rename your stored faxes for ease of recall
* Delete your faxes you no longer need
* Pager, cellphone, SMS Mobile, and telephone notification
   of new faxes
* Web Access to view, store, resend, annotate and lock faxes
   from any Web browser when you are not in a Palm
   coverage area (see our FaxUp service for more details)
* Received faxes can also be automatically e-mailed to
   you or faxed
* A personal fax number with customized greeting or
   standard fax tone
* Personalized Unavailable / Extended Absence recordings
* Callers can leave brief messages if needed to introduce the fax
* Most plans offer our "never busy" promise - callers
   will never receive a busy signal when they fax to you
* A telephone fax box which you may dial into and retrieve
   faxes from another fax machine

For more detailed information on Interpage's FaxUp Service and pricing, click here.

Interpage Palm PQA for All Users:

Using the Interpage PQA, you can send alpha pages to many paging systems and alpha-capable cellphone in instantly and for free!

The Palm Pilot Sendpage and Free Fax services are analogous to our Web-based WWW Fax services, allowing Palm Pilot users to send pages to many alpha pager and alpha-capable cellphones, as well as faxes to any fax machine in the US.

Additionally, if you register for free, you can set up aliases which will allow you to store your friends pagers so you can send pages to them by name and create pager lists so you can send pages from your Palm Pilot for free without having to remember their pager and/or cellphone numbers.

Interpage Customer Access

Interpage customers may now also utilize the Palm V or VII to access the many web-based account configuration and information sections of Interpage's web pages. Customers may add stock and weather reports, edit their portfolios, change paging and fax settings, enable page holding, create and modify paging and faxing schedules, create and modify group lists, update their LinkAlert site monitoring settings, and generally access their accounts from a wireless Palm with the same degree of ease that they do from the Web.

Download Instructions

In order to utilize the either the FaxUp Palm service or the other free services, you will first need to obtain a copy of the Interpage PQA version 2.2a

The Interpage PQA allows Interpage customers to access their FaxUp accounts from anywhere to view, send, e-mail, and manage their faxes.
The Interpage PQA is compatible with:

* Palm VII with Palm.net Service (now with unlimited
   use plans) and Bell South Wireless Data (see below).
* Palm IIIx with wireless service, such as
   AT&T Wireless Data (CDPD), Bell Atlantic CDPD,GTE Wireless,    Ameritech Wireless Data, SNET Wireless Data, etc.
* Palm V with OmniSky wireless data service service.

Once you have downloaded the Interpage PQA onto your Palm Pilot V or VII, run it, and provided there is adequate radio coverage, your Palm will establish a wireless connection with Interpage's service and begin your session.

Downloading and Usage instructions

* First, you will need to download the Interpage PQA from here (click here).

* Second, save the Interpage.pqa file to your hard drive by placing it on your desktop or a folder on your system.

* Third, use your computer to download the Interpage.pqa file which you saved to your hard drive to your Palm Pilot in the same way that you download any other software from your computer to your Palm.

* After the next HotSync, you will be able to access the Interpage PQA.
Once the Interpage PQA is installed on your Palm, click on the "Applications" icon on the bottom of your Palm display, and the Interpage Icon (as well as other applications) will appear on the Palm's screen. Then, click on the Interpage icon and follow the instructions for the particular Interpage free or subscriber (paid) service you wish to access.

Wireless Data Primer

Wireless data allows mobile devices, such as Palm Pilots, laptops, and specially equipped cellphones, to connect to the Internet or other data networks via specialized networks which do not rely on voice communication in the same way that analog cellphones do.

There are currently two major public wireless data services in the US and Canada: CDPD and BSWD (using RAM/Mobitex). BSWD is operated by Bell South, and supports their two-way pagers and Palm applications. BSWD is proprietary in that you need to be on Bell South's network in order to receive and send messages and data. BSWD has a more extensive network than any CDPD carrier or group of carriers (eg, more coverage nationwide in places where there isn't likely to be CDPD coverage for years, such as Vermont, Albany NY, Palm Springs CA, etc.), yet it is more limited as well. The BSWD network can only be used to send text messages back and forth between the wireless device and the Bell South server, thus making it difficult or impossible to utilize some more common IP protocols such as Telnet, FTP, and even Web browsing without specialized software at Bell South's servers to mimic these protocols and gateway the data sent as text messages to/from your wireless device outside to the Internet in a way that other Internet devices can understand your messages.

CDPD is a set of channels set aside from a cellular carrier's analog network (it is not data-CDMA) and used to provide a wireless device with it's own, permanent IP address. With CDPD, you have a fixed address on the Internet, and may utilize every and all Internet applications which as you can from a regular dialup connection, ISDN, DSL, T-1, etc. People can connect to your CDPD computer, laptop, or PDA (such as the Palm) remotely (if you permit them), transfer files, send data, and even play games with you in real time. Effectively, CDPD provides the same service (albeit a bit slower) that your wired ISP currently provides.

CDPD is offered by a variety of carriers, such as AT&T Wireless in most of its markets, Bell Atlantic Mobile in only some of its markets (Maine, upstate NY, Vermont, and central/northern New Hampshire are not likely to get it soon), Ameritech in very few, GTE in a majority of its service areas, BC Tel in a few small areas of British Columbia, and a few Martime Provinces carriers. (For more complete details, see the Wireless Data Forum's main web page.)

Unlike the Bell South wireless data network, which is one single network nationwide, there is no current nationwide CDPD provider, although AT&T comes close (yet it lacks coverage in some major cities such as Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Hartford, Atlanta, San Diego, etc.) AT&T can't offer CDPD service there since CDPD, as noted earlier, is based on the analog cellular system, and AT&T can only offer CDPD service where it has analog cellular service (or where it is licensed to provide analog cellular service).

This problem is overcome by allowing customers from one carrier to roam onto another carrier, but as with traditional cellular roaming, in most if not all cases, roaming charges will apply, generally between 5 to 10 cents per kilobyte. This can easily add up if you send a moderately-sized GIF image or download some software via e-mail.

Some resellers of AT&T, BAM and other carriers offer "unlimited" roaming on some other carriers, but in most cases they try to limit your roaming and use of a roaming network by forcing you to use their specialized software in order to obtain unlimited roaming. These plans which require the use of a given reseller's software will not work with the Interpage Palm Web Access Services, since they require the use of our software. (OmniSky being the current exception as they allow unlimited roaming access using any software you wish; we are not sure how long they will be able to maintain this; please inquire with them for details.)


To receive additional information about Interpage's Business Services, you may mail to:

* Web-based E-Mail to Support (faster method)

* help@interpage.net

* comments@interpage.net

* questions@interpage.net

* info@interpage.net (autoresponder)

Or call us at +1 (650) 331-3900 / +1 (617) 696-8000.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our paging or other services!

Last modified 01/14/2006


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